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Top tourist attractions in Thessaloniki

Top tourist attractions in Thessaloniki

You might not believe it now, with winter still raging outside, but summer is coming and what is a summer with no seaside trip? To prepare accordingly, you need to have a list of exotic destinations and Greece will be on that list without a doubt. So here are the top tourist attractions in Thessaloniki, one of the most popular and exciting cities in the country of Zeus!

Thessaloniki is the largest and the capital city of the Greek Macedonia province and the second largest in Greece. It is also a renowned center of culture, economy but above all, an outstanding seaside destination. Far from the hustle and bustle of the polluted and crowded Athens, Thessaloniki provides a personal and friendly experience, combining the small town atmosphere with the impressive cultural legacy of thousands of years of history.

Here are just a few of the spots you should check on your list of attractions in Thessaloniki: The White Tower is the symbol of the city and it has dominated the seashore for 5 centuries. First a fort, then a prison and now a museum (actually the Museum of the City of Salonika), the tower provides the most dramatic panoramic views over the sea and the land, as well as a perfect spot to take your first picture in town.

The Roman Rotunda was built in the 4th century, most probably being meant to be the mausoleum of the Emperor Galerius. Theodosius the Great turned it into a Christian church and then the Rotunda served as a Cathedral until the 12th century. The building become a mosque during the Turkish rule and was only reclaimed by the Christian Greeks in 1912, when it became the Church of St. George. With architecture similar to that of the Roman Pantheon, it is one of the most impressive ancient monuments.

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