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Top tourist attractions in Thessaloniki – Part 2

Top tourist attractions in Thessaloniki – Part 2

If summer is coming and this catches you unprepared, with little money to spend on a seaside vacation this year, know you can always organize a low cost vacation in Greece, even with a tight budget. One of the most accessible and at the same time popular destinations in the country is the region of Macedonia with its flowering capital city. So here are a few Top tourist attractions in Thessaloniki you might consider visiting in your next trip, once you grow tired of just lying in the sun.

The best place to start your exploration is the Aristotelous Square, where the philosopher’s statue towers over the plaza. If you head west, you can sample the authentic frolic of the city in one of the food markets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as handicrafts and household objects: Modiano Market and Kapani Market. The first especially features interesting old, romantic shops and taverns, rendering the experience truly unique.

The Greeks, the Romans and the Turks all left their cultural marks on the region and the city and there are many things you can learn about the rich history of the place at the Archeological Museum and at the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The latter tells stories about an age when Thessaloniki was a prime center of the Byzantine Empire. Both museums can be visited in a day trip to the city.

Are you up for a journey into the past? Then you should take an hour to visit the Ano Poli, the old town (also known as the “Upper Town”, as it is perched on a hill). The Turkish influence is visible in the architecture and the fountains and the quarter is characterized by cobblestoned winding alleys and narrow streets.

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