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The most beautiful cities in Greece – Part 2

The most beautiful cities in Greece – Part 2

The most beautiful cities in Greece, our exploration through the must see spots in Greece, continues today with some more ideas of travel and exploration.

Last time we talked about Athens, the larger than life capital city of Greece. Today we are going to move around Greece and see what more we can see.

Delphi is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in mainland Greece. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site perched on the mythical Mount Parnassus. Once upon a time, people from all corners of the world would flock to this place to have their fortunes told by the Oracle of Delphi. Today, the crumbling ruins of Delphi are a nice curiosity gently lying in the burning Greek sun, but the energy and life they still emanate bring those years all back to us. Moreover, Delphi offers a series of other attractions to explore, such as the Delphi Archaeological Museum, the best place to go if you want to learn everything about the region and the entire Hellenistic world and its vast legacy.

This might not be a city with shops and malls – quite the opposite. The Meteora monasteries represent one of the most known and popular destination in Greece. This outlandish construction, high monasteries carved in the stone of the mountain, provides quiet and protection to the peaceful monastic residents and always a fascinating trip for the people who come to visit and admire the unabashed simplicity and beauty of life here.

The beautiful Halkidiki region does have another emblematic city to show you: Thessaloniki. This wonderful port is an outstanding shopping and promenade spot, one you cannot miss. How to get around the peninsula? Simple! You can book online your Halkidiki airport transfer at rates you will find as very accessible and conditions that are irreproachable.



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