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Fun facts and tourist attractions in Turin

Fun facts and tourist attractions in Turin

Nested in the Alpine arch in northern Italy, Turin is a must see destination, one that boasts with a rich history, rich cultural heritage and amazing people. So here are a few fun facts and tourist attractions in Turin.

In 2006, it hosted the Olympic Winter Games and really got a spot on the map as a prominent city, an economically developed hub, a zestful destination, bursting with life and the sound of laughter coming from the taverns, restaurants and bars that line up along the vast promenade, but also a place of great beauty, with outstanding architecture, vast parks and lavish galleries and museums.

Also, Turin is the largest city to have hosted the winter games (population: 1.5 million)!

Turin gave the world the sweet and mushy Panettone, which you should really sample during your stay!

The city is also home to Juventus, the most successful soccer team ever (in Italy at least). It’s won some 28 national football titles so far.

Rome is presently the capital city of Italy. But did you know that in 1861 it was actually Turin that was named the first capital of the Unified Italy?

What not to miss in Turin? Well, let’s put it this way: once in Turin, you’ve got to start your tour from Piazza Castello, the central square in town and the place where everything begins. The previous seat of the Parliament, Palazzo Madama, dominates the scenery, while the 17th century Royal Palace built in the time of Carlo Emanuele II flanks the northern side of the square. Museums, cafes and theatres spring from all corners of the piazza, so this is really the place where you’ll want to spend hours exploring.

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