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The most beautiful cities in Greece – Part 3

The most beautiful cities in Greece – Part 3

Our travels through the most beautiful cities in Greece take us farther, to places we need to roam in an attempt to discover the most worthy spots to explore in this country – which e already discovered must make your list of places to go no matter what.

Today our steps take us to the amazing Island of Crete, an oasis of beauty and a recommendation from the locals all the way. Once, I asked a local to tell me what the most beautiful place in Greece was from his point of view. Without a moment of hesitation, the answer came: Crete! I smile and went on, just to encounter more and more locals (and then foreigners) who told me the same. It made me curious, so I had to know. And indeed, Crete is a life in its own right, an island the size of a smaller country, a beautiful universe that combines the secret life on an island with the typically Greek air.

Heraklion is the island’s capital city, an amazingly colorful port and hub. This is the perfect spot to start your exploration of Knossos and the center of the island. Crete looks a little bit like Italy, because it was ruled by the Venetians between the 13th and 17th centuries, a time when it met a great cultural boom.

Notable personalities from Heraklion include Nikos Kazantzakis (writer of the outstanding novel “Zorba the Greek”).

Also in town you have an airport. From here, you can get a Heraklion airport transfer and travel virtually anywhere on the island.

The Samaria National Park is an absolute must see spot on the island. It stretches over 18 kilometers of forested wonderful land.

The mystical Palace of Knossos is a truly magical beautiful ruin. Abandones over three millennia ago, this is the place believed to be the palace of King Minos and the secret lair of the Minotaur.



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