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The most beautiful cities in Greece – Part 1

The most beautiful cities in Greece – Part 1

One of the countries that, from my point of view, never disappoint and can always provide ample reason for entertainment and cultural relish in Greece. The utter magnificence of the scenery coupled with the low prices and welcoming nature of the people, who really know how to make tourism, transform this place into one of the most attractive and accessible destinations out there. Therefore, here are some of the most beautiful cities in Greece – in case this wonderful place has (as it should) made its way to the top of your travel list.

Let’s take our time to travel through Greece, the cradle of European civilization.

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is an infinitely old and endlessly fascinating city. It is a spot you must see, a wondrous maze of history and culture. It is also an academic center and a great trading and economic hub, as it always has been. So what is the most emblematic symbol of Athens? Decidedly, the most sought after and emblematic is the Acropolis, a symbol of Western civilization. It dates back to the 5th century and comprises several buildings and sculptures. The Pantheon with its 58 marvelous colonnades is the most emblematic corner of this entire majestic structure. Other attractions here include the Roman Forum, a celebration of the clash of two great cultures, the Temple of Zeus and Kerameikos.

Then Athens is a city of unabashed cultural and aesthetic pleasures. You can enjoy an ice cream while strolling around the boulevards, you can visit the National Gardens and the take pictures with the guards at the Syntagma Square.

Athens is wonderful, but it is also a very busy and crowded city, so you need to have a clear idea as to where you are going to stay, where you want to go and what you wish to do and how you are going to get there.

A good plan also includes a bit of liberty of movement, one thing afforded by an Athens car rental auto vehicle.



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