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The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 1

The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 1

The world of tourism is wonderful and the beginning of the year is a perfect moment to start planning for the travels and adventures to come in the next twelve months. The new year looks bright and promising – or so we like to believe – so we thought we’d make the alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017.

In the following article series, we will explore a few of the most magnificent places you can visit this year.

What better place to start than the beginning of the alphabet:

Alaska is a wonderful “Frozen” kingdom, one that just might sweep you off your feet and plunge you into the white wonderful – though cold – sea of snow. If you love winter, you can find it in this very northern corner of America well after the end of February. And if you were wondering, freezing in a sea of ice and snow is not the main activity you can indulge in here. Rather, you can admire the Denali Mountain, make the acquaintance of some very friendly bears at the Alaska Zoo or visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Athens, the spectacular capital city of Greece, is at the other end: a warm place you’d best think of visiting outside the hot months of summer. Boasting with a history of millennia, the outstanding Athens is the stuff of wonders, a welcoming place where you will meet people who have invented not only philosophy, but also trade and tourism ever since the dawns of history!

Ancient temples, beautiful landscapes, warm sun and taverns with tasty food is what’s in store here. It is advisable to have… let’s say movement independence here, as the city is very big, so you can go to Athens car rental for a good vehicle for hire during your stay