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Top best hotels in Mallorca

Top best hotels in Mallorca

Where you stay during your trip is a very important aspect, one that can make the difference between a relaxing and happy holiday and a stressful and failed one, between a disappointment and a roaring success. Spain is an outstanding destination, one you simply must visit at least once in a lifetime (although some would say, at least once a year). Here is, therefore, our Top best hotels in Mallorca.

There are people traveling on a tight budget, people traveling independently (for instance, in their trailers), but there are also people who want a certain degree of comfort – so long as they can afford it, at least. After all, traveling is a rare activity for many, so once a year or so, it’s worth investing in a holiday.

Mallorca is a beautiful destination and there are excellent lodgings facilities, since tourism has expanded very much during the past decades. Here are some of the best hotels:

Gran Hotel Son Net is a sumptuous five-star residence surrounded by the green countryside and lines of olive trees. You can expect to enjoy an excellent breakfast as well in a high-class restaurant.

Fontsanta Hotel Thermal & Spa provides days of pampering and relaxation in a spa that includes thermal pools, Turkish baths and a gym, along with all facilities, including Wi-Fi, private bath and special diet menus.

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa offers a similar experience, with spa, restaurants, swimming pool and luxurious rooms.

Cases de Son Barbassa combines the traditional, rural air with the medieval allure of the nearby town and the best beaches in the area.

And if you want to stay in a romantic 19th-century mansion, Cap Rocat Hotel is the perfect choice.

There are plenty transport options in the region, including Mallorca airport transfers and Mallorca rent a car services.