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What you didn’t know about Barcelona

What you didn’t know about Barcelona

Did you know that there’s a lot of people who believe Barcelona to be the capital city of Spain? While it’s not (that would be Madrid), Barcelona is the second largest city in the country and the capital of Catalonia. What you didn’t know about Barcelona is…

1. … the largest metropolis by the shores of the Mediterranean. It also holds the 11th position in the European Union when it comes to population.

2. Barcelona has two official languages – they’re kindred, but not identical. One is Spanish, the other one – Catalan, spoken by 95% of the population.

3. The Spanish are still disputing the origins of the city. The romantic ones, enamored with ancient Greek mythology, attribute the founding of Barcelona to Hercules, 4 centuries before the founding of Rome. There are also those who believe the city was built by Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian general that was also father to the famous Hannibal. This would also explain the name: Barcino, given in the 3rd century BC.

4. Catalans have their own version of Valentine’s Day. It’s called Dia de Sant Jordi (San Jordi’s Day) or the Day of the Rose (since roses are offered as tokens of love this day). Legend has it, Saint Jordi slayed the dragon of Montblanc to save the life of a lovely princess. This romantic gesture has been celebrated with roses and heart shaped chocolates for centuries already in Barcelona and its surroundings.

5. FC Barcelona Museum is the most visited museum in town. This only comes to prove what we always suspected: people love football, maybe more than high culture. But irony aside, the museum is really worth a visit.

The Catalan capital city is a place of wonder – and we didn’t even get the chance to mention the architecture of Gaudi and the lovely parks in town! The best way to explore it all is to go to rent a car Barcelona, book a car for your trip and come see it with your own eyes!



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