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Top things to do in Malaga

Top things to do in Malaga

Spain is an earthly paradise which you simply cannot go through life without visiting, so here is our top things to do in Malaga – a very special and beautiful corner of this paradise where the sun never seems to stop shining:

  1. Visit the beautiful Moorish Castle of Alcazaba de Malaga, a wonderful spot that preserves so much history, beauty and the reminder of cultural melange between its walls. It started off as a Roman bastion, very long ago, and it was later transformed into a Moorish Castle in the 11th century. The towers of the castle can still be admired: Torre de Vela, Torre del Homenaje and Arco de Cristo.
  2. Take a stroll hand in hand with your loved one: you don’t have to go very far, you can actually stay in the castle’s courtyards, which are extensive and bathed in sun.
  3. Admire some of the most beautiful flowers in the city at the Botanical Garden, a feast for the eyes and the heart.
  4. Have some tapas in one of the nice classy restaurants in town. The local dish is a great treat: fun and imaginative and very tasty, so you will want to experience it. You will see that the acceptation of the term “tapas” is pretty comprehensive, so expect surprises – don’t be too stunned if you find sausages and bread and not just your traditional triangular sandwiches.
  5. Mercado de Atarazanas is the great market hall, a place to go shopping for virtually everything and anything. It is a light and fun place, full of life and the authentic spirit of Spain. You can spend a couple of delectable hours there.
  6. Rent a car in Malaga or get a Malaga airport transfer and travel outside town, to explore the surroundings of this beautiful city.
  7. Go to the beach! Let’s not forget that Malaga is an amazing seaside destination!




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