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Escaping the cold: a trip to Costa Blanca – Part 2

Escaping the cold: a trip to Costa Blanca – Part 2

Escaping the cold: a trip to Costa Blanca – Part 2 aims at continuing our happy journey through this beautiful part of the sunny Spain.

Spain is one of the best spots in Europe where you can go and enjoy a few idyllically warm days even during cold autumn and freezing winter days. Last time we talked about Benidorm and Valencia, but the truth is that Costa Blanca would not be complete without Alicante and its adjacent region. Alicante is one of the most prominent cities in Spain and one full of vibrant life and tourist attractions to explore.

Above all, Alicante is a seaside resort. But it is also so much more. Alicante possesses one of the most romantic medieval castles: Castillo de Santa Bárbara. It is perched on a high hill and is the most popular spot in town. A lot of events and activities are hosted here and most visitors to Alicante will want to visit, if only to take the best pictures from uphill or for tasting the medieval life long lost.

Next stop in Alicante: the Archeological Museum. This is the spot to take your party or your family and kids. You can all learn basically everything there is to know about the region, the clash between the Moorish culture and the European one, the old and the new influences, the culture and the architecture in Costa Blanca.

And there is another place never to miss in Alicante: the Marina. The harbor is a place full of hustle and bustle, filled with excitement and people, with colorful boats decorating the sea shore and with a lot of vibration.

Throughout your stay in Costa Blanca, you should consider booking your Alicante car rental if you want to move about a lot or at least an Alicante airport transfer as you will need to get to and from the airport.



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