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A great Spanish trip: fun facts about Barcelona – Part 1

A great Spanish trip: fun facts about Barcelona – Part 1

First thing you need to know about Barcelona: it is Spain and more; it is a Catalan wonder and the heart of much more than a geographical point; it is a meeting of worlds, a city with a heart of its own. Today we suggest taking a great Spanish trip: fun facts about Barcelona is what we are about to start talking about!

But before anything, let’s get it started with those interesting facts:

  1. Valentine’s Day is celebrated twice in Barcelona. It’s just that, aside from the American (well, call it “universal”) lovers’ day, Barcelona also celebrated Sant Jordi’s Day. Also known as the Day of the Rose (because of the immense amount of roses that are exchanged between lovers on that occasion), it celebrates the day of a romantic character: Sant Jordi slayed the dragon on Montblanc, thus saving the Princess and her city from death.
  2. Barcelona is often mistakenly attributed the role of capital city of Spain. (Don’t forget, that honor goes to Madrid). But Barcelona is indeed the more popular tourist attraction and the second largest city in the country.
  3. One thing that may surprise you when traveling to Barcelona is that people seem to speak Spanish as a second language… I mean the locals; they are fluent for sure, but they do speak something else and it is the first language you hear on busses and in public announcements. And that other language is Catalan. In fact, though virtually everyone speaks Spanish in Barcelona (as well as in the rest of Spain), 95% of the locals speak Catalan.

There is a wealth of things that can be said about Barcelona, the heart of the Catalan region. Some of them are more known, others not so much. But what is important to remember is that it is well worth visiting the region anytime of the year. You can rent a car in Barcelona and travel around Catalunya.




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