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Escaping the cold: a trip to Costa Blanca – Part 1

Escaping the cold: a trip to Costa Blanca – Part 1

I have always loved Spain and always found a way here of escaping the cold: a trip to Costa Blanca is today’s suggestion.

Spain is a perfect spot to visit during the long, cold weeks of autumn and winter. It is never “really winter” in Spain – merely a pretty rainy and a little chilly autumn at worst. And Costa Blanca is a warm and spectacular place of Spain, one where you will simply want to lose yourself and stay not only throughout winter, but much, much longer.

What can one visit in Costa Blanca?

Benidorm is one of the top cities in the region, one very appreciated for its beaches during summer, but also throughout the year. When you are done shopping in town, you can drive a bit outside town to the natural park Serra Gelada (which means “the ice mountain”). This is a natural and rugged area on the coast which oversees Benidorm and offers the amazing opportunity to enjoy sheer beauty and simple tranquility in a place that is beautiful with no need for explanation.

If you rent a car in Valencia, you can visit this beautiful town that is located some 40 kilometers away from Benidorm. It is one of the most visited towns in Spain – and this is not without reason. If most cities have a Zoo, Valencia goes a step farther: they have a Biopark, which means the resident animals live in a very realistic wildlife-like environment. You must also not miss the Mercado Central, the best rendez-vous place in the city and the center of town for all intents and purposes.

And of course, no visit to Costa Blanca should be considered complete without a trip to the Algar Waterfalls. This is fresh, beautiful and natural escape that any visitor to Spain should enjoy.

Need some more insight into the wonders of Costa Blanca? Join us again next time!



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