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The wonders of Luxor

The wonders of Luxor

What visit to Egypt could ever be complete without a visit to the “greatest open-air museum on Earth”? The wonders of Luxor are just awaiting to unravel their secrets and charm you forever.

Luxor is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Egypt, home to temples, old relics and the famous Valley of the Kings. Once upon a time, the great city of Thebes stood tall, covering both banks of the River Nile. It was a mighty center of the Ancient World.

Today, Luxor is in no way less majestic. Here are some of the wonders you can visit there:

The Valley of Kings, nested among the rocky “dunes”, is the final resting place of the pharaohs. 62 tombs with amazing interiors make up the complex, including the tomb of Tutankhamon.

It would appear that, despite their great cultural advance, the ancient Egyptians were segregated, because the ladies of the pharaohs don’t rest next to their husbands. Instead, 80 tombs form the Valley of the Queens. Many of these tombs are unfinished and undecorated. An exception is the tomb of Queen Nefertari which, however, is momentarily closed.

From downtown, you can quite easily access the famous and dazzling Temple of Karnak. It is actually a complex that comprises the Temple of Khons, the Temple of Amun, the Temple of Tuthmosis III (and many others). It takes more than a couple of hours just to walk around the whole complex.

The fact that Luxor is an open-air museum doesn’t mean that they don’t have inside museums as well. The Luxor Museum contains many treasures, including artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamon. There is also a Mummification Museum in town, where you can learn about sarcophagi and the ancient mummification methods.

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