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The main sights in Hurghada

The main sights in Hurghada

Egypt is even more than the pyramids. It is a top seaside destination – and a very exotic and exciting one at that! Here are some of the main sights in Hurghada, the third largest city in Egypt and the oldest and most colorful resort in the country.

First, we need a place to walk. Hurghada Marina is the best promenade in town, lit up beautifully and lined up with restaurants and cafes. Few things can be as exhilarating as watching the sun set over the spectacular Red Sea.

The beaches in town are also hard to beat. The “resort strip” lies south of the Sigala, the old town center. On the coast, you can experience an unforgettable session of scuba diving. Magical colorful corals and rainbow-like fish await just below the clear surface of the Red Sea. It’s a worthwhile experience indeed! Gota Abu Ramada is probably the best place to experience this, but there are other, more discrete sites to discover as well.

Also, to see the world “under the sea”, you can take the Sindbad Submarine, the only one that functions in the Red Sea.

If you want to take your lover on a boat trip, the Giftun Islands just the place for you, around white strips of silky sand, colorful fish swimming near the shore and colorful coral reefs, with the gentle sound of the sea waves providing the soundtrack. After your boat trip, take a moment to lie on the sand and just enjoy an ice tea.

In Ad-Dahar, there’s one more stop you need to make: the Hurghada Aquarium, an educative experience for you and for the little ones as well, documenting the wonders of the secret life of the sea.

Last but certainly not the least, you must remember you need to make sure you have transport throughout your stay. The best choice would be to book in advance your Hurghada Airport Transfers.