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Christmas 2015 in Malta

Christmas 2015 in Malta

Christmas is not only the most popular holiday in the Christian world, but it is also supposed to be a time of peace and happiness, when people become more generous, exchange gifts and hope for a better new year. Christmas 2015 in Malta will hopefully be another time of joy and color.

Here are some of the highlights of this amazing huge celebration on the Island of Malta and in Gozo, its neighboring smaller sister-island.

Maltese people are mostly Catholic, so much of the imagery of the season is present here, with a certain personal touch. Like all great cities in Europe, Valletta dresses in colorful light bulbs and garlands, sets decorated Christmas trees – although the weather on an exotic island is not exactly that of a white Christmas – and prepares for street markets, fairs and charity events.

A typically local motif is the Maltese crib, a symbol of Christmas on the island. Cribs were introduced here by an Italian nobleman in the 17th century and every year ever since, people decorate them with “pasturi” (figurines of animals, angels and the Biblical characters) and place them in their houses or in churches. There is a special 1670 crib displayed at the Mdina St Peter’s Monastery and cared for by the Benedictine nuns living there.

Another Maltese popular show during this season is the annual pantomime spectacle that takes place at the Manoel Theatre, an entertaining evening for children and adults alike, mixing satire and slapstick humor.

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For everyone preparing for a Christmas 2015 in Malta, all that’s left to say is ‘Il-Milied it-Tajjeb’ (which means, “Merry Christmas!”).