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September destinations, Larnaca and Paphos

September destinations, Larnaca and Paphos

Some may say that summer is over with the last day of August, but I guess the wanderlust that a “chronic” traveler develops doesn’t stop at that. Autumn is actually a great month to travel – and maybe we’ll take a moment to explore the reasons sometime soon – so on your list of September destinations, Larnaca and Paphos in Cyprus do deserve a place! Let’s see if you agree with me.

Cyprus resembles Greece to a great extent – minus the crisis and the political turmoil. And while we wouldn’t like to sway you in any directions – there are ample reasons to visit both countries, actually – we feel that Cyprus is getting a bit less promotion than it would deserve.

Larnaca was built on the site of the ancient city of Citium, the birthplace of Zeno, the famous Stoic philosopher. Apart from lying in the sun on the beach (the weather is still warm in Septembers, with averages of 20 degrees Celsius), you can take a walk along the palm-tree lined seafront or visit the medieval fort and the Church of St. Lazarus.

You can opt for a Larnaca transfer or tour if you book in advance. As an alternative, with Paphos airport transfers, you can be taken from the airport to any place in Paphos or its surroundings. And this city is also an epitome of Cypriot life.

Paphos is probably most famous for being believed to be the birthplace of Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. Founded in the Neolithic era, Paphos is emerging as an ever increasingly prominent cultural and economic center.

In Paphos, you can visit the Adonis Baths, near Coral Bay, where Aphrodite and Adonis would meet, according to legend. Paphos Castle dates back to Roman times, while the Agia Solomoni church, just one km away from the port, houses the 12th-century Christian catacombs that were once Hellenistic-era graves.

Next time, maybe we’ll talk more about Cyprus!



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