The best November low cost destinations in Europe: Malta

The best November low cost destinations in Europe: Malta

Dear friends, it is not high season and this can mean two things:

  1. It’s cold and no time to travel and be outside; or:
  2. It’s low season, so it’s the perfect time to travel smart!

Come with us and explore the best November low cost destinations in Europe!
Malta would be the first line on our list. Malta is an amazing exotic haven (and heaven), a beautiful Mediterranean island country with an amazing landscape, great weather, welcoming people and a long and fascinating history.

Malta is a good place to visit in all seasons, because the weather is always somewhat warmer than in the rest of Europe. During the hot months of summer, it can get a bit too hot, but the cerulean waters of the sea will cool that feeling. Anyway, in November, temperatures are expected to hover around 20 degrees Celsius, which is a great change from the freezing feel of the rest of Europe, like we said.

Moreover, Malta, through an island, is much more than a seaside destination. There is a lot of sightseeing and visiting to be done and cultural Malta tours are always in high demand. A tour of the island will take you through the amazing capital city of Valletta, but also through Mdina and Blue Grotto, some of the most popular sites in Malta.

So what can we visit in Malta? Let’s look into some of the greatest attractions on the map:

  • St John’s Co-Cathedral is probably the greatest building in Malta. Built in the 16th century in Valletta, it towers over the center of the town.
  • Gozo Island is one of the most popular and romantic sites in Malta. A cruise here may just be the best place to pop the big question.
  • Rabat is a fascinating town with an oriental air. It’s a must-see with its 16th-century palace and other buildings and the winding network of streets to explore and go shopping through.