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The best of Corfu

The best of Corfu

Steeped in ancient history, a realm where reality is entwined with mythology, the Island of Corfu by the Ionian Sea is a corner of paradise you should truly put on your list. The best of Corfu awaits to be discovered in an outstanding trip, one you could plan for this very season.

The name of the island is mythologically linked to Poseidon and the nymph he fell in love with here, Korkyra (from whom the current name of both the island and its capital city today allegedly derive).

The island is home to the Ionian University, but also to many vestiges of the past and to countless tourist attractions. So don’t worry, because there’s a lot more to do in Corfu than sunbathe and swim in the sea – not that these weren’t excellent activities to pursue.

Kerkyra old town is one compulsory stop for all those interested in immersing themselves into the ancient (and medieval and pre-modern) history of the place. The old quarter includes pastel-colored houses with Venetian shutters, the Archeological Museum, the Asian Museum and the two forts in town: the Neo Fruorio and the Paleo Fruorio.

The Citadel offers the best panoramic view over the blue sea. It was built by the Venetians on the remains of a previous, older castle in the year 1546. As you get there from the Esplanade, don’t forget to climb in the lighthouse to photograph the breathtaking scenery and to stop by the 19th century English-built church built in the Doric style, like a small temple.

Like I said, lazing around and lying in the sun is not the only way to go in Corfu. The luxuriant forests that surround the island take some 10 days to hike though.

But another way of sightseeing in town, but also around the island is by car, since there are reliable Corfu car hire options to consider.