Cyprus is fun! 10 Facts you didn’t know about the island

Cyprus is fun! 10 Facts you didn’t know about the island

Seen a bit like the kid-sister country of Greece, the Island of Cyprus is unique and beautiful and has its own identity. We’ll let it speak for itself in a moment. Let’s discover that Cyprus is fun! 10 Facts you didn’t know about the island will be revealed in a few short memorable lines:

1. Cyprus is really old… How old? 10.000 years, archeologists say!

2. Also, once upon a time, in the Bronze Age, Famagusta (located on the site of today’s Cyprus) was the richest country on earth.

3. Though tiny in comparison to some European states, Cyprus is big for an island. To be more precise, it is the third largest in the Mediterranean, larger than Crete and only outsized by Sicily and Sardinia.

4. If you are still undecided whether to go swimming or skiing on your trip, the impressive Troodos Mountain heights offer winding slopes and sunbathed beaches in one place.

5. Cyprus is popularly known as “The Island of Love”. And that is because, apart from its beautiful scenery, it is said to be the legendary birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite.

6. Cyprus is renowned for its tasty food, excellent wine (Commanderia being said to be the oldest wine in the world, with possibly 5000 years of tradition) and especially for the cheese, said to have been the first version of this product.

7. The legendary crusader King Richard the Lionheart wed his Queen Joanna in Limassol. Today, the town is a popular tourist resort. You can get there easily with Paphos airport transfers.

8. And in Paphos, you can admire the outstanding mosaics, some of the oldest and most beautiful in the world.

9. Cyprus has its own Carnival, a mixture of Greek and Venetian traditions.

10. And if you like Byzantine Art, The Byzantine Museum in Nicosia is where you should head next!