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A trip to Bari, Italy

A trip to Bari, Italy

Whenever I think of beauty, I think of the country of pasta, pizza and “amore”, the place where we laugh, dream and love more. A trip to Bari, Italy, will help restore your faith in the belief that life is worth living, after all.

Bari is a sunny place of happy contrasts at the crossroads between the Latin and the Hellenistic worlds. It’s a colorful port city, as well as a rich industrial town. Virtually unknown until its discovery by the Byzantines and its capture by Robert Guiscard in the 11th century, Bari would only become truly prominent in the 16th century, when it became part of the Kingdom of Naples.

Bari nowadays seems divided into a traditional picturesque quarter and the prominent, historic great attractions. It’s like a town with two identities.

If you enjoy walking around, you will surely enjoy a stroll around the Vecchia Bari (Old Bari), a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways which can be best appreciated on foot. The houses have an authentic old style, there are dozens of churches to admire, but one stands out in particular: San Nicola, a monumental 11th century Romanesque cathedral that you can (and should) take as a point of reference to avoid getting lost.

And walking along the beautiful seafront promenade in the evening is another experience worth trying with your loved one. Lungomare Nazario Sauro is the name of the place. Along the promenade, you will encounter the Mole San Antonio, a fort turned modern art gallery and the old port (Porto Vecchio), where you can take a moment to relax watching fishermen and the colorful display of boats.

After you have had a copious lunch in one of the local taverns, when you are tired of walking, hop on your Bari rental car and head back home before preparing for another happy day of traveling.