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TENERIFE- Events in Tenerife in August 2016

TENERIFE- Events in Tenerife in August 2016

Events in Tenerife in August 2016

High season at its peak, August is one of the most fortunate times to visit the beautiful and fascinating Tenerife Islands. It is also one of the busiest times of year, so if you are planning a trip there this coming month, here are the best events in Tenerife in August 2016 to consider:  The month of August debuts, ever since the first day, with the Medieval Night Show, a marvelous evening that will take you back to the times when damsels and knights roamed the realm and jousting tournaments were the ultimate entertainment option.

The event will take place in the Castle of San Miguel and will include a copious dinner, marksmanship and jousting contests (all in the old medieval style). Later on, however, you can retreat to the bar and lounge area to enjoy a drink and dance till  dawn. This is not a unique event – it takes place roughly every week until November.

The ongoing Sansofe cultural program in El Medano is bound to last until August 27th 2016. It includes several activities, like outdoors cinema nights, concerts, theatrical performances, African dance shows and events for children.

We mark the last day of summer with the Guns&Roses Party at Hard Rock Cafe in Tenerife. We’ll listen to the music of the legendary rock band, play games and have lots of fun. Who says all activities are bound to take place in an organized manner? Hundreds of people gather in the Teide National Park in August to witness the Perseid Meteor Shower, one of nature’s greatest shows, where you can see shooting stars soaring through the endless skies. To get there, you have several options. If you like to drive, you can call on Tenerife airport car hire to lend you a set of wheels.

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