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5 Romanian Cities worth visiting – Part 2

5 Romanian Cities worth visiting – Part 2

Let’s get back to our list of 5 Romanian Cities worth visiting. Quick reminder first: Last time we talked about Cluj Napoca and Brasov as first two options to visit in Romania. Today we have three more to talk about, so get prepared:

3. Constanta is today’s first stop. And that is because, after visiting the imposing Carpathian Mountains, every tourist coming to Romania will want to go to the seaside. Romania has exit to the Black Sea, one of the most spectacular and rich seas in the world. It has a lot of personality, if we can so speak, and it is only warm during the months of summer. But it is navigable, the coast is sandy and beautiful and there are several important seaside resorts to put on your list.

Constanta is the center of this region and a city with a booming industry, museums, the casino and the Aquarium to explore.

4. Sibiu marks today’s return to the central region of our country. Situated a couple of hours’ drive away from Brasov, Sibiu has a similar air and in a way, it is a smaller version of the above-mentioned city. Like Brasov, Sibiu too used to be a Saxon burg and its identity has been marked by centuries of cohabitation between Romanians and the German and Hungarian ethnics. The city seems to have prospered and earned a lot from this, however, and today it is an important tourist center. With Sibiu car rental, you can visit the city and its surroundings easily.

5. Finally, how could we end our list without mentioning Bucuresti, the capital city of Romania? Today, the city that was once upon a time dubbed “the little Paris” looks a bit tired and dusty, but it remains the strongest city in the country and one worth visiting, at least for the Antipa Museum and the Village Museum, as well as the vast parks.



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