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10 Fun facts about Alicante – Part 1

10 Fun facts about Alicante – Part 1


Summer lasts longer in Spain, so planning a trip to Costa Blanca these days, even for September or October, just might not be such a crazy idea. Today we were hoping to give you even more reasons to visit, so here are 10 Fun facts about Alicante:

1. Two languages are official in the region: Spanish and Valencian (a dialect close to Catalan). Nevertheless, there are chances of hearing quite a bit of English since the region is a tourist attraction,  so communication will probably not be an issue here if you are a foreign traveler.

2. In 1950, Benidorm was the first tourist resort to accept bikinis on the beach. Today, women wearing their underwear while sunbathing is the most natural thing, but back then, mayor Pedro Zaragoza’s

allowance was revolutionary. This was part of his plane to change Benidorm from a tiny fishing village into the high class resort it is today.

3. Thinking about visiting a cosmopolitan, fun and eclectic town on the Costa Blanca? Torrevieja is the place. Fun fact: in just 7 years, its population of 50.000 doubled to 100.000 inhabitants pertaining to 160 nationalities. Not to mention it is an idyllic seaside spot, with white sand, water sports centers and shopping facilities.

4. Over 115.000 tons of rice are being produced in Alicante every year. White rice, black rice… There are lots of local dishes containing it and rice is an important economic constituent.

5. Since 2005, Ciudad de la Luz has functioned as one of the biggest European film studios. You can visit the film sets with an Alicante transfer. Asterix at the Olympic Games and Manolete are just a couple of

the films that have been shot here.

Join us again as we find more fun reasons to visit Alicante!