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Say hello to the new Range Rover!

Say hello to the new Range Rover!

Though the very first Range Rover Evoque was actually launched as early as 2008, causing a great stir,the amazing car manufacturer has only improved its form and capabilities up to date. In 2016 also, we get to say hello to the new Range Rover!

This year’s wonder car is a beautiful convertible – giving us reasons to hope that one day soon there may be more luxury SUV’s with a drop-top. The car is definitely an eye candy, despite its predictable rugged look, one that has become a trademark.

The first glimpse we got of the 2016 Evoque Convertible was actually last year, at the 2015 LA Motor Show. the crowd went wild. What remains to be seen is if the sales will also skyrocket. There seems to be a market for this type of vehicle, though, so there is hope. The brand also says a lot, having many fans and an increasing popularity.

Convertible cars have been around since the dawns of the car history. Luxury cars have also “walked” (well, glided on wheels, as it is) among us for dozens of years. But a convertible luxury 4×4 is pioneering work, so we have to give Range Rover the acclaim they deserve for this innovation!

Designers and engineers have managed to keep the Rover design and align it with the convertible features required. There is a good boot space and the stance is good as well. The car only sits four people, but those sitting in the back have enough leg space. To make it safe, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible has been designed to be a bit heavier (around 300 kilograms more, to make it structurally rigid).

One day not so far from now, there will be convertible luxury SUV’s populating the streets of every town and even crowding the international car rental lists.