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A lesson in Romanian culture: Brasov – Part 1

A lesson in Romanian culture: Brasov – Part 1

Is it worth having a short discussion on appearance and essence or in why it might be an awesome idea and a wonderful opportunity to put Romania on your travel list and learn more about it? We say, let’s give it a chance and learn a lesson in Romanian culture: Brasov is today’s topic.

You may have heard nice and… not so very nice things being said about Romania and Romanians these days, but to prove what you believe, there’s really just one definite thing you can do: get there and see for yourself! This is exactly what we are suggesting. While you are there, be sure to put Brasov on your list, a city regarded by so many as maybe the most beautiful Romanian town – or at least the most culturally diverse and fascinating!

Brasov is a medieval Transylvanian town, one which has seen the peaceful cohabitation of Romanians and Saxons throughout centuries. Having arrived here around the 12th-14th centuries, the Transylvanian Saxons helped build the city and its infrastructure, boosted the citadel’s commercial and strategic prominence and positively affected its cultural life.

You will see that the atmosphere in Brasov is very similar to that of Western Europe and that that German air is ever present in the architecture, the polite demeanor of people and generally, in the quiet and organized air of the city.

The German-style houses are the top architectural attraction in town. The Black Church is a great representative of Gothic ecclesiastical art. It is an amazing testimony to the Catholic and Protestant persistence, even in a region that is Orthodox. Its building began in the late 14th century – funded by the German local population. Although it was originally meant as a Catholic church, today it hosts Lutheran mass as well, but also a series of music concerts because of its special acoustics.

It is the most important Gothic building in Romania and shows that this country is more than meets the eye. With Brasov car rental, you can drive through the entire county!



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