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Some reasons to visit Romania this summer!

Some reasons to visit Romania this summer!

One of the most spectacular tourist destinations, surprising and amazing and populated with nice welcoming people, is Romania. Most people who go there want to say just how different it really is from what they had imagined. Today we try to find some reasons to visit Romania this summer!

It’s not very hard to find reasons to travel and Romania is really special. Here’s why we think you should visit the Carpathian country of paradoxes:

Reason 1: Come check whether there really are vampires here! In recent years (actually, throughout the past century and even more), Romania has been associated with the mythical bloodsuckers and that since Irish writer Bram Stoker, inspired by mixed Central-Eastern European myths and a trip to Transylvania, wrote his fascinating novel “Dracula”.

Reason 2 is closely linked to Reason 1: Visit Bran Castle, one of the best and most beautiful medieval castles in Romania and one of the best preserved in Europe. You may not find vampires galore lurking around the corners of the old castle, but you can learn a lot about the Romanian Royal Family and Romanian history as well.

Reason 3: Go to UNTOLD, the biggest electronic music international festival in Romania, in the wonderful Transylvanian city, Cluj-Napoca.

Reason 4: See the biggest administrative building in the world, the Palace of Parliament. It is located in Bucharest,

Reason 5: The capital city of Romania, Bucharest, happens to be one of the cheapest capital cities to visit in Europe, but a surprisingly modern and fascinating one at that. For instance, you can rent a car in Bucharest for a really accessible price and visit most of the country.

Reason 6: Visit the unique Clock Museum in Ploiesti, an industrial but fascinating town about an hour’s drive away from Bucharest.

Reason 7: See them all: Romania has all relief forms, from mountains and valleys to plains and the wonderful shore of the Black Sea.



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