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5 Romanian Cities worth visiting – Part 1

5 Romanian Cities worth visiting – Part 1

Traveling is planning and expectations, but also letting that element of surprise – well, surprise you and prove to you what life can be and all that it has to offer in so many facets and different contexts. There is a central-European country that must make your travel list one way or another because it will prove to be such a surprise! And that country is Romania. Here are 5 Romanian Cities worth visiting – the start of a great adventure:

  1. Cluj Napoca: this city located at the heart of Transylvania breathes a Western and cosmopolitan air. It will impress you instantly with its liberal and beautiful atmosphere, as well as its great architecture and array of entertaining cultural events. In recent years, Cluj has gained even more international acclaim due to the UNTOLD Music Festival, an international event which brings countless prominent names in electronic and house music to the Romanian stage. How to get around town? The best suggestion is Cluj Napoca airport transfers, highly recommended private transport options.
  2. We won’t go very far away for the next stop. Brasov is one of the most impressive and beautiful cities in Romania. It is also located in Transylvania and guess what: only a few miles outside the city, you can go to Bran and visit the Bran Castle, known as the castle of Dracula. Though you may be disappointed to find out that the legends may not be entirely accurate – not to spoil your surprise – you will still be amazed by the place, a well kept, amazingly interesting medieval castle.
    Back in town, you will be happy to see a lot of the Occidental influences in the local architecture, which is equally interesting and colorful. You must stop by the Black Church and walk around the Piata Sfatului, the heart of the town.



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