Tallinn trip

Largely unknown for a large number of tourists, Estonia’s capital of Tallinn is probably one of the continent’s most enchanting cities. A Tallinn trip will have you visit a place made from a balanced blend of medieval and modern, with narrow and cobbled streets shaded by 14th century old churches, and older buildings which hide a peculiar mix of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs within their stone walls.

The Old Town area of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is usually overflowing with tourists, but most of these come from the nearby countries, especially Helsinki, however the place is starting to get more visitors from other European countries as well, thanks to cheap flight becoming more and more wide-spread.

Art enthusiasts will love delving into the history and influences of the Estonian art scene, and even though there are no large art museums here, you can find some great historic gems in the Old Town and there a growing gallery scene which showcases modern artists.

The balanced blend that we mentioned earlier can be seen in the Estonian overall approach to their fashion as well, with the country’s leading fashion boutiques contrasting with the centuries-old traditions of weaving, pottery and glass blowing. However both those approaches make Tallinn a great place to buy a great many, and very different, things.

It should come as no surprise that Tallinn also boasts a very vibrant cafe culture, with many of them set in Art-Deco buildings, or cosy anterooms and sunlight patios. These make for tasting some great coffee and people-watching, which in turn make for a good prelude to going out to one of the many restaurants and bars that Tallinn has to offer.

And when it comes to the restaurants and bars, you’ll find them in decadent old-world dining rooms or wine cellars, great stuff indeed.

Then we get to the nightlife, which thumps and booms away till the morning hours, you can find steamy nightclubs, and expat bars, but those who look for more traditional entertainment they can also find theatre, choral concerts, and lots of rock and jazz.


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