Parnu trip

A Parnu trip means that you will be visiting Estonia’s premier resort town. Pronounced ‘pair-nu’, the town features wonderfully golden beaches, lush sprawling parks and a picturesque old centre. During the warm summer nights you can be part of the night revellers who assault the beachside, with its bars, nightclubs and outdoor cafes and even wine bars.

The seaside is top notch of course, and that’s where most travelers will be spending most of their daylight, however you should be aware that the town also has some very first-rate museums and galleries and of course boutiques and shops all around Old Town.

Alongside the beach resort aspect of the town, Parnu is also a very popular health resort for older visitors from the Baltics, Eastern Europe and Finland, who come here to get some rest and a bit of pain relief from the well-known mud treatments. The mud treatments are available in both the Soviet-style sanatoriums but also from the more modern concept of the spa resort.

Let’s talk a bit now about what you can expect to see while in the town, besides the beaches and the parks and wonderful villas, the Parnu Town Hall can be found in a house built in 1797, a house in which the Russian czar Alexander I stayed during his visit here. The Building features an Art-Nouveau overall style with Neo-Baroque details,

The Church of Jekaterina also comes from towards the end of the 18th century, and is the most style pure and ample Baroque in Estonia, a church that has influenced the development of orthodox church architecture in the entire region.

While in Parnu you should make time to visit the oldest building there, the Almshouse, built in 1658. That is a pretty old building indeed, however research has shown that the initial building has been here since about the 13th century, and rebuilt and restored throughout the centuries.


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