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Sweden trip

Sweden trip

The Scandinavian countries aren’t on everyone’s travel list but you may be surprised of how much entertainment you can get from a Sweden trip.

Quite possibly the most striking and best thing about Sweden is its natural beauty, a place that brings together frozen wastelands, cosy cottages, virgin forests with rocky islands and reindeer herds.

Exploring the country’s charms does mean that you have to leave the safety and comfort of the city and sail across an archipelago and check out an island or two, or in case water isn’t your style you could go trekking along a trail in the northern wilderness. The Swedes are big on all manner of outdoorsy activities so you can find opportunities to hike, camp, sail, ski, cycle or fish all across the country.

You may not be aware but the northern part of Sweden is home to an indigenous people called the Sami, most of which still lead a nomadic lifestyle built around reindeer herding. Sami culture – which includes handicraft, homes and villages as well as methods of transport and style of cooking allow for a visitor to become completely immersed while spending time in Lapland. Don’t miss out on finding out first hand about this lifestyle by spending one or two nights in a Sami reindeer camp or taking a dogsledding tour. In case you don’t have that much time for your Sweden trip then at least make sure you pick up some handmade Sami woodwork or leather goods to bring home as souvenirs and also make sure to have a meal at a Sami restaurant.

A Sweden trip is also a great idea for those who are interested in history and especially viking history, ancient rune stones poking up out of the grass all over Sweden. Walled medieval cities and seaside fortresses are part of all tourist circuits alongside burial mounds and huge stone ship settings.

Keep our Sweden car hire services in mind when planning a Sweden trip and we’ll be looking in mode detail into what you can see and do in this Nordic country in the future.