Best destinations to shop for travel gear and gadgets (part 1)

Best destinations to shop for travel gear and gadgets (part 1)

We’ve been taking a bit of time now and again to talk about travel and gadgets so today we thought about a different way of combining the two subjects by taking a look at the best destinations to shop for travel related gear and gadgets.

Hong Kong

This is pretty much the hub of the cheapest things on the planet. Besides the average reason tourists check out Hong Kong, there are at least some of them who venture to this Asian knock-off oasis to pick up all manner of electronics.

The truth of the matter is that mainland china is where most of the Western world’s electronics are being produced and they are all chipped through Hong Kong.

As you might expect you’ll find a very thriving second-hand scene here especially the camera market in Tsim Sha Tsui. The thing is that even larger chain stores here will make for greater deals than you would find back home.

South Korea

Probably second only to Honk Kong as a Mecca of gadgets, this place is where you’ll find a mix of true brandnames as well as some know-offs and some completely no-names. Of course there are some companies that you might not have heard of that make some great things like the EGO hybrid iPhone case, Gariz, Anavehi – making great bikes and accessories, and many others. Keep an open-mind and take your time to explore the offers.


Granted you may not find them at the same prices as you would in Honk Kong but Japan and Tokyo especially is the place to go for offbeat electronics. This is a great place to get things that you may or may not need such as an USB hand warmer. The more geeky of you have to check out Nakano while photographers will want to check out the immense Map camera store where second-hand cameras can be purchased.

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