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An eventful time at the Castelo de S. Jorge – Part 2

An eventful time at the Castelo de S. Jorge – Part 2

Once upon a time, there was a truly incredible castle. It had withstood the test of the ages and no tide or time could bring it down. Then a lot of people from the loud and crazy and somewhat beautiful present day came for an eventful time at the Castelo de S. Jorge.

The year was 2017 and they vowed they would feast and enjoy from November all the way to the next year, to the end of the long winter.

Joke and stories aside, if you take any Lisbon tour, your driver will most probably take you to the fabulous ruins of the Castle of St. George. It is one of the most old and beautiful relics of the golden age of a timeless Portugal and the municipality has taken efforts to restore part of the castle and to keep the beautiful gardens in a great shape.

As we mentioned before, the castle also serves as a venue for events. Here are some of the upcoming invitations sent by the castle:

Olhares Invulgares sobre o Castelo de Lisboa” is the big event, hosted in November 2017, December, January and February 2018. There are actually four tours scheduled with expert historians, archeologists and geologists, all adamant to bring the great patrimony of the castle to the grand public.

  • November 12th 2017: “Da Rocha a Pedra Talhada” – an invitation to explore the stones of the castle, as well as the geological ages of the rocks used to constitute this architectural gem.
  • December 10th 2017: “Um Castelo de Pedra, Cal, Areia e Outras Coisas” – will delve into the materials that constitute the castle.
  • January 14th 2018: “Dos Registros sobre as Pedras” – will describe the contributions of masters and constructors from the 13th to the 15th century.
  • February 11th 2018: “Da Colonizacao das Pedras” – plants and life forms that cover the rocks on the castle.

Seems like quite an eventful time at the castle, right?




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