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Best Christmas Destinations: Madeira

Best Christmas Destinations: Madeira

Dear friends, we are back in search of some of the best Christmas Destinations: Madeira is today’s star.

The Island of Madeira, also dubbed “the Island of the Eternal Spring”, is a beautiful destination on all seasons. Winter attracts the most tourists, ironically speaking for a “spring island”, because on New Year’s Eve, the best and most grand fireworks display in Europe is hosted by Madeira on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean.

Christmas is also a very good time to visit the island. As people rightfully consider it the most wonderful time of the year, the locals here also love the festive spirit and dressing the city is garb of lights and garlands. Let’s not forget the fact that Madeira is in fact Portuguese soil, albeit overseas, so there are a lot of European traditions transposed here, as well as the Catholic religious significance.

There are many tourist attractions worth mentioning in Madeira. Here are some of the spots you simply must put on your list:

Teleferico de Funchal is the best place to see the city from up. The “flight” takes just about 15 minutes, but it is a perfect opportunity to get a 360-degree view of the city.

The Madeira Story Center is one of the coolest museums to explore is town. It is located close to the teleferico and explains the history of the island in a fun and interactive way. It is a great family outing and you will even learn a thing or two about the great Age of Discoveries and Christopher Columbus, who was married to a local Madeiran girl and lived here for a few years.

What’s the best way to explore the city? Well, it depends on how much you mean to travel and what degree of independence you aim for. You can basically either get a Madeira transfer or book you own Funchal car rental.



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