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Fun easy trips from Lisbon – Part 2

Fun easy trips from Lisbon make for a great idea for discussion for whoever is planning a trip to the capital city of Portugal and its lovely surroundings. The last time we talked about a few of these, particularly Sintra, Cascais and Mafra, but since the list is much longer, we figured a new exploration was in store. Therefore, here are some more trip ideas:

  1. Obidos is a very romantic and rustic destination. I have heard a lot of people going there for weddings and after a visit in town, you will surely agree that it is indeed a cosy and lovely place for such a happy event. The town is small and compact and you can easily visit it all in no more than a few hours. You can get a Lisbon car rental and drive through the town without a care. It looks a bit like a little walled fortress. Time seems to stop here and you can feel the middle ages and modernity shake hands in a special place between the stone walls of the fortress. The first attraction to admire are the tile-covered gates of the city. Then you can stop by the Santa Maria Church and finally, you simply must stop by the Obidos Castle.
  2. Estoril is an idyllic place and an ideal spot to spend a day outside of Lisbon. Here is what you can see there: the Ocean! That is, let’s face it, the most amazing and breathtaking of all surroundings. Estoril became a very popular and high class destination in the 19th century. Until then, like most towns that are holiday resorts in Portugal today, it used to be a fishermen’s village. You can sunbathe at Carcavelos, visit the Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães and go shopping in town.

The choice of travel variety is entirely yours, but one thing is sure: you will love Portugal!



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