Prague trip

Having been rid of the Iron Curtain for more than two decades, the Czech Republic’s capital of Prague, has become one of the continent’s major, urban tourist destinations, and as you’ll see on your Prague trip, it’s not showing any signs that it’s stopping.

This reputation that the city has made for itself in the last few years has two parts to it, of course the place is a wonderful city to visit and take in many facets of Czech culture, on the other hand Prague isn’t as cheap a place to visit as it used to be, however the combinations of architectural sights, culture and people make it just as compelling as it was.

Visiting Prague can be a bit of an overwhelming thing, at least for the first couple of hours, your senses will be overloaded with architectural overachievements and then you may think that you’ve seen it all, but give it some time, after all you’ve only been there for a couple of hours, and Prague is well known for hiding most of its charms from most tourists.

Keep in mind that this is after all the capital of the country, it is a working city, there’s ever-present traffic that you should expect from such a place and commercialism, both of which are to be expected. Also keep in mind that being one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe means that Prague almost constantly has its fair share of tourists milling around its streets and crowding its attractions and sights, that might put you a bit off, but have no fear, you’re not visiting an overrated city.

What you have to do is to take a step back and relax, ideally with a decent quantity of the city’s famous beer, the best way to enjoy Prague is to not go with the tide of tourists to the main sights, but it’s to take in the entire city as a whole, explore the streets on food to take in the incredible mix of stunning architecture and culture.


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