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Last Minute Vacation Deals in Autumn 2014: Part 2

Last Minute Vacation Deals in Autumn 2014: Part 2

As we discussed in our previous post, fall is not necessarily the end of summer (not all things should be taken literally), so there are many Last Minute Vacation Deals in Autumn 2014.

We previously counted Spain and Turkey among the logical choices of the European (and American) tourist in search of a low season vacation deal. And today we are going to explore even more options to help you make up your mind.

Despite the rumours, the marks left by the economic crisis in Greece are vastly overrated. At least this is the general perception for those who have been travelling to this country of myths and philosophy during the past years. The tourist industry is one of the lifelines of Greece, but let’s face it: with its hot cheeky sun, spectacular landscapes, Sirtaki and tasty Gyros for just a couple of Euros, the country will be an attraction for years to come.

Paralya-Katerini, Tassos or Corfu, Greece are also among the most “low cost” destinations, particularly on demand on the East-European tourist market. Zakynthos, Skyatos Island or Kos, more exclusive resorts, are in turn popular among the British, Dutch and German travelers.

Paphos and Larnaca, Cyprus and the Portuguese sunny Algarve, by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, are also at the top of the list, offering deals and providing much fun even in autumn. Also in Portugal, the autonomous Island of Madeira is an oasis of peace and beauty – though its prices are slightly higher and this corner of paradise, “The Island of the Eternal Spring”, is virtually only reachable by plane.

Nevertheless, all these destinations are also popular for their accessibility, as the choice of private transport is very varied, so exploring the surroundings and accessing the resorts is very easy.

Remember: it’s never too late to plan an unforgettable trip and spontaneity is always appreciated! We hope we were able to give a helping hand and encourage whatever holiday choice you make.