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Last Minute Vacation Deals in Autumn 2014: Part 1

Last Minute Vacation Deals in Autumn 2014: Part 1

Summer is (theoretically) over – at least if we are to trust the calendar on the wall. But for some reason, people don’t seem to want to let it go and make way to the cold rains and chagrin of autumn. The good news is that September and even October are still excellent months to plan a summer (or summery at any rate) holiday escape.

Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal or Cyprus can be counted among the most accessible destinations – and places where summer is in the habit of lasting longer. Despite the fact that this summer has been one of the coolest in the past decade throughout the last decade, the holiday season is still on in many place, so one can plan a seaside or mountainside vacation.

For the European voyager, depending on the country of origin and the personal availability to search for offers, for only a few hundred EUR, one can get some excellent last Minute Vacation Deals in Autumn 2014.

Here are some of the most popular and cheap places to go for a sunny, fun vacation:

Tenerife, Spain is certainly one of the most popular destinations for West-Europeans, ranking first in the preferences of British and German tourists. There are amazing deals for what is regarded as the “low season” and, apart from the traditional “fun in the sun” (with degrees still reaching 27 degrees Celsius in September and October), there are countless activities and festivals to enjoy.

Antalya and Bodrum, Turkey are also popular choices for  those eager to combine the magic of the East with the comfort of 5-star all inclusive resorts.

There is a variety of lodgings variants, activities to engage in and of course, places to go. Many turn to car rental companies to have a vehicle at their disposal throughout the vacation, just to make their vacation ever more enjoyable.