Innsbruck trip

Innsbruck trip

Those who are on their Austria trip and want to go beyond the capital, can consider an Innsbruck trip as part of their vacation.

Innsbruck is also a capital, the capital of Tyrol, with a population of a hundred and twenty thousand residents, making it the country’s fifth largest city.

Considered by many to be the largest ski resort in the Alps, the place is well-known for it winter sporting opportunities. It has been the host of the Winter Olympics twice – in 1964 and 1976 – as well as the World University Games in 2005. however, in 2008 Innsbruck also hosted several games of the EURO 2008 European Football Championship.

Talking about the skiing that is to be had in Innsbruck, there are several ski resorts located within the city’s borders, and within short distances between each other. It should be noted as well the Innsbruck acted as one of the centers for the snowboard boom of the ’90s and should be further noted that the derived culture still survives till today.

Many may not realize this but Innsbruck is also a university town, being home to two universities and several colleges, making up about twenty-five thousand of the city’s total number of residents, this can only mean that the nightlife is lively, to say the least.

Besides all the winter sports and partying, the city also offers quite a few cultural attractions as well, a couple of churches and cathedrals, such as the Cathedral of Saint Jacob and the Wiltener Basilika; of course since this is Austria there has to be at least one castle or palace somewhere, and Schloss Ambras is the Innsbruck entry for this category.

Then there are a few memorials, more than a few museums, and quite a few boulevards, squares, parks and zoos, when considering the size of the city, however it is a rather well-off one.

Innsbruck also has quite a few events that one can attend, ranging from stereotypical traditional Tyrolean culture with the Tiroler Abend with Gundolf Family, which means yodeling, traditional dances and the like, to the New Orleans Festival which focuses on jazz, blues and the like.

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Innsbruck – Austria