Linz trip

Linz trip

A bit of a different destination on your Austria trip, Linz is quite different from most other cities in the country. A Linz trip will have you visiting an industrial city, the third largest city in the country, and a major economic strength of the country.

The city’s slogan is “It starts in Linz”, well at least the tourist slogan says that, however considering the immense steel and chemical works located in the city, it’s not hard to understand that many other things can start here as well.

The city does have a rather large ‘old town’ – thanks to it not being completely destroyed during World War II – however considering the fact that the city is mainly a university and industrial town, it lacks many of the accents that one might expect if they’ve already visited places like Salzburg or Graz.

This doesn’t meant that Linz is not beautiful, but more that it is a better representation of what ‘real’ and modern Austria is about, as opposed to the somewhat fairy-tale like charm of Salzburg, for instance.

However, considering that the city is interested in surviving past its industrial heritage, Linz is starting to diversify by aiding the creation of small companies as well as encouraging tourism.

Some may already be familiar with the city, because it is the host of the annual Ars Electronica Festival, an international event which celebrates all manner of electronic art.

There are a few churches and chapels as well that add to the cultural interest of the city, places like the Old and New Cathedrals, both of which pose their own brand of interest.

There are three main monuments to check out, and the almost obligatory Austrian castle is amongst these. First documented in 799, the Linz Castle has been rebuilt and redesigned many times throughout its long history. Now it is a wonderful museum featuring permanent art exhibitions.

Even though you may not expect it from such an industrial city, there are quite a few museums in Linz as well, ranging in focus from a biology center to historical customs.

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