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Fun things about Nicosia

Fun things about Nicosia

If you ever alight in the capital city of Cyprus, there are a few Fun things about Nicosia you might like to know.

Nicosia has been the island’s capital city for over one millennium, perched as it is on the heights of the Kyrenia mountains and stretching over the Mesaoria plains. But it is said that it has been inhabited continuously since 2500 BC, in the Bronze Age. It is also the largest city in Cyprus and a prominent economic and cultural center.

If Nicosia is the English name of the city, the Greek name is Lefkosia (which translates into white substance). In Greek mythology, Lefkosia was a siren.

During the age of the crusades, Guy de Lusignan bought the island of Cyprus from the Knights Templar in 1192. This ended an Arab and Byzantine domination which had lasted for some 550 years.

During the middle ages, Cyprus was ruled by the Venetians (1489-1571), after which it was conquered by the Ottomans, who converted all Latin christian churches into Muslim mosques.

1878 was a pivotal moment in the destiny of Cyprus, as it was then that the island was given to England, in the aftermath of the Russo-Turkish war. In 1925, Cyprus was named as a British colony and would retain this status until 1960, when it gained its independence.

When referring to prominent figures who have played a role in the destiny of Cyprus, we must remember Saint Helena, the mother of Roman Emperor Constantine, who built a series of churches in Nicosia and the rest of Cyprus. As for the patron saint of Cyprus, this is Barnabas.

No tour of modern-day Nicosia could ever be complete without a visit to the museums in town. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Archaeological Museum in Nicosia, the Byzantine Museum and the Folk Art Museum. A journey into the past also takes us through the markets where you can enjoy a shopping spree.

The best way to enjoy Nicosia is if you book with Cyprus car rental and enjoy a driving tour of the island-country.