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Cyprus in the low season – Part 2

Cyprus in the low season – Part 2

In case we haven’t been argumentative and explanatory enough last time, we’re going to say this again: Cyprus in the low season is well worth the trouble!

If last time we reviewed some of the reasons why you should definitely be considering putting this amazing Mediterranean destination on your “low season traveling list”, today we are going to be looking into some ideas of places to see during your stay:

  1. Larnaca: though you may think this a paradox – after all, Larnaca is the ultimate seaside resort – we are going to put Larnaca first on our list of stuff to visit during the low season as well. And that is because, aside from the laid back and cosy air that welcomes you to this side of the island, there are cultural attractions galore to enjoy as well in this little corner of Heaven.
    The beautiful Agios Lazaros Church is just one of the many cultural attractions on that list. During spring, you can witness the flamingo migration and let’s not forget that the hills that surround the town are rich in beautiful villages with their secret and quiet life waiting for you.
  2. In Limassol, an equally beautiful resort, there are beaches and shopping facilities. But outside the city rests a very special attraction: the Kolossi Castle in the village that bears the same name. It has stood there for centuries, ever since the days of the Crusaders, and still has stories to tell.
    If you are wondering how to get there, you can easily reach it with a
    Paphos airport transfer to Limassol.
  3. Nicosia, the island’s (a bit neglected) capital city, is packed with museums. However, none of them depicts the local history and culture more eloquently than the Cyprus Museum. Here, every history buff and passer-by alike will find their place and love what they see.

Hoping we have convinced you, we encourage you to book your vacation in Cyprus as soon as possible.



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