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Cyprus in the low season – Part 1

Cyprus in the low season – Part 1

There are regions that have a fame for being “seaside destinations” or “summer spots”, but there is a lot to say about going places outside the hot days of summer, when the sun shines more shyly, but there are places to see and secrets to unravel just the same; so today we talk about Cyprus in the low season.

Cyprus is in high demand during what is called “high season”, but do we stop traveling just because summer is over? The simple answer is, “no way”! Here are some advantages of traveling to Cyprus in low season:

  1. Prices really, really go down. There are decreases in price in all services and facilities during autumn and winter. October is still a good month to go to Cyprus; March and April are also attractive times to go sightseeing in this fascinating country, preserver of the Hellenistic legacy just like Greece.
  2. Lodgings are much more accessible outside the high season and so are services such as plane tickets and local transportation. You can rent a car in Larnaca with a very low amount of money during these times. You can also get a Paphos airport transfer for an equally low rate, particularly if you book in advance and are likely to get a good discount.
  3. There are spots in Cyprus which are very crowded during high season, but become much more accessible outside of this time frame. The Tombs of the Kings are very popular. If you choose to visit during autumn or spring, you will be surprised you will actually be able to enjoy your cultural trip at your own pace.
  4. You can visit Saint Hilarion Castle during low season and still enjoy the best sights and take  the most dramatic pictures from on top the mountain that preserves some of the most beautiful ruins in the Mediterranean.



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