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The Greek Gods ABC

The Greek Gods ABC

Today, one of the most valued aspects of the Greek culture is their Christian Orthodox religion. But a couple thousand years ago, the Greeks were polytheistic and actually boasted with a rich pantheon of very… humanly flawed gods. Here is the Greek Gods ABC: in case you want a short lesson in… mythology.

Zeus was the supreme god – but pay attention: not the only one – in the Greek pantheon. With his gigantic figure, silver beard and emblematic lightning bolt, he was known to rule over his family of rebel Olympians. His wife is the goddess of the earth, Hera, with whom he has a… love and hate relationship.

Beloved by many – humans and gods alike – Aphrodite is the supreme symbol of beauty and love. She is usually accompanied by her tiny winged baby godling Eros. Her symbols include the apple, the sea shell, the mirror and the sea. Apart from getting what she wants by using her beauty, Aphrodite is known from her mythical birth from the sea, for getting Paris to say she is more beautiful than the other goddesses (thus inflicting much trouble upon him) and for her love for the beautiful human Adonis (who was tragically killed by a wild pig).

Are you afraid to travel to the Underworld? We promise to get you back… from the clutches of Hades. You needn’t picture him as the devil. Hades was the brother of Zeus. Customarily depicted with a dark beard and regal posture, he was the god of death and the underworld. He was also regarded as the god of the concealed riches of the world.

Now a tale of two sisters: Fortuna was the goddess of fortune, an auspicious character. On the other hand, Nemesis, her sister, was feared more than she was worshiped. She was a rather implacable judge, bringing misfortune to those she believed to be too lucky.

How about another lesson in Greek history next time? Until then, remember if you travel, you can actually see all the wonder of mythology come to life for a second. And did you know Aphrodite was actually said to have been born… in Cyprus? With Paphos airport transfers, you can actually visit the place she is said to have been born!