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Interesting facts about Australia maybe you didn’t know

Interesting facts about Australia maybe you didn’t know

Australia is more than kangaroos and koalas, farms and the hot burn of the sun. Here are some interesting facts about Australia maybe you didn’t know.

The population of Australia – which stretches across an entire continent after all – is relatively scarce. In fact, as of 2012, only 22 million people were reported to inhabit Australia. On the other hand, Melbourne Victoria is the place you are most likely to be greeted with a “kalimera!”, since this is where the largest population of Greeks can be found (apart from, well, the Greek capital city of Athens, of course).

Although the British settled in Australia in modern times, there is evidence that Australia has been inhabited by aborigines for over 45000 years.

The largest reef system in the world is the Great Barrier Reef, which is located on the North-Eastern coast of the country.

Australia has a long history of democracy, being the second country in the world to enfranchise women. This started in 1903. (If you were wondering, the first country to grant women the right to vote was New Zealand and the year this happened was 1893).

You can’t say there is no living place in Australia. The population is rather rare and there are large stretches of land that are still wild. The largest property in Australia is actually larger than Belgium.

The general idea we have of Australia is that of a warm place, right? But it has mountains, and things there tend to get pretty… snowy! Actually the Australian Alps get more snowfall a year than Switzerland, which is a famous mountainous spot!

Aparently the selfie also originates in Australia!

When traveling to Australia, it is advisable to get protection, nevertheless. In its wild beauty and spectacular imagery, this continent country must be on your travel list.