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5 Places not to miss in Rijeka

5 Places not to miss in Rijeka

The third city in Croatia in terms of size, Rijeka is a city that has it all: the mountains rise proudly from the shore of the sea and the sun shines brightly over the vivid port. Listed among the top destinations in the country, here are 5 Places not to miss in Rijeka:

1. Perched high on a hill above town, the Castle of Trsat and the Church of Our Lady of Trsat are the two main attractions in Rijeka. The castle dates back to the 13th century and was built on the site of an old Roman building. The views from its battlements and courtyard are truly breathtaking.

2. Gospa Trsat is a place of pilgrimage famous for its icon of the Virgin Mary that is believed to perform miracles and to have been painted by Saint Luke himself.

3. Established in 1876, the Natural History Museum was the first museum in the region. It hosts an impressive number of items from the fields of paleontology, geology and biology. The marine history of the Adriatic Sea is dutifully recorded with a wide variety of exhibits, minerals, study materials and the multimedia Aquarium. The museum also has a beautiful setting, in the Nikola Host Park.

4. The Risnjak National Park is a true corner of heaven for every hiker and outdoors person. Leska Trail is perhaps the most popular in the park, also home to bears, deer, the lynx and a wide variety of birds.

5. Kastav, a small town near Rijeka, is famous for its medieval air and the amazing festival it hosts every year. It is an amazing place to visit and the entire family will surely have a lot of fun.

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