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Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Egypt and Marrakech (Part 1)

Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Egypt and Marrakech (Part 1)

Of course everybody wants to travel in summer, when the sun shines for endless hours and everybody has a vacation, but there are actually some destinations that are not indicated during the warm season. Let’s check out a list of Fabulous Autumn Destinations: Egypt and Marrakech (Part 1).

First on our list of places to go in autumn is Egypt. The land of pyramids and pharaohs has a hot desert climate, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in summer. Autumns, on the other hand, are pleasantly warm, with average temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. This is the optimal weather to be outdoors exploring the relics and wandering around the desert dunes on a camel. The list of Egypt activities is virtually endless: from water sports and sunbathing to shopping in Cairo or exploring the Giza Necropolis (the greatest complex of ancient pyramids, also home of the notorious Sphynx), the choice is entirely up to you.

At the heart of Morocco, Marrakech is a whirlwind of light and buzz and a fabulous autumn destination for all of you who are interested in the art and culture of the Orient. As is the case for Egypt, Marrakech has a hot climate, so autumns are the perfect times to come visit. Marrakech is famous for its luxuriant gardens, including the splendid Menara Gardens and the Majorelle Garden. The city is also a Mecca for shopaholics, who are at awe with the street markets as well as the large shopping centers – there is something for all tastes.

To learn a bit more about Moroccan religion and history, you are welcome to visit places like the Koutoubia Mosque or Marrakech Museum, the place where modern and traditional art meet in an explosion of colour and beauty.

For next time, we’ll think of other Fabulous Autumn Destinations. For now, enjoy Egypt and Marrakech!



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