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Marseille: a trip guide

Marseille: a trip guide

It’s been a while since we last visited France, with its extravagant Parisian dreams and sunny fields and villages of Provence. A mixture of both, today we talk about Marseille: a trip guide.

The second city as size and prominence in France, Marseille has a population of almost a million and takes pride in its rich history. The region has been inhabited for more than 30.000 years and is to this day regarded as the most important French commercial port.

As all port cities, it has a lively atmosphere, eclectic and colorful; but today, this is coupled with the new vibe and the modern architecture of a prominent metropolis.

There is plenty to see and to do if you are planning a trip here. We recommend you stay more than a couple of day and enjoy the city and its surroundings. Here is a list of tourist attractions and activities:

The nightlife of Marseille is very active and colorful – which is not surprising of a port city. Around the Old Port, clubs and bars that stay open all night long are lined up in a display of sleepless entertainment. If you are the cultivated type, but still opt for the nocturnal lifestyle, you can choose to spend a delightful night at the opera or at the Marseille theatre.

If you have read “The Count of Monte Cristo” at the edge of your seats, when in Marseille, you will definitely not miss the opportunity to visit the Chateau d’If, an old fortress later turned into a prison and currently one of the most famous museums of the city.

If you enjoy hiking and outdoors activities, don’t miss an excursion at the Parc National des Calanques or get lost wandering along the crowded streets along the fish market or the flower market.

As culinary attractions, you simply must taste the Mediterranean cuisine (with its various dishes of fish) and have a sip of the red Provence wine to go with it.

Travelers usually arrive in Marseille by air, the local airport welcoming thousands of visitors daily. Transportation inside the city is usually done by car of by private transfer, as public transportation means tend to be a bit crowded.