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Escaping the cold: a trip to Morocco

Escaping the cold: a trip to Morocco

Do you have a plan for escaping the cold: a trip to Morocco just might be an idea in case you are in search of your next travel destination.

Morocco is a very beautiful and eclectic country, an Oriental experience that all Westerners should sample to better understand the paradigms of the world we live in. It is a colorful and exotic place for Westerners, a realm of contradictions and charming Oriental fairy-tales brought to life, obscure narrow streets where you might not want to walk alone and lively bazaars full of laughter.

One thing is for sure: Morocco is a place that is worth exploring. So where do we go and what can we do there?

First stop: Marrakesh Medina, a city that summarizes all that the spirit of Morocco needs to convey for so many. First stop in town: the Djemma el-fna Square, the largest promenade in town. What can you find here? Much like in a story of 1001 Nights, everything from gushes of people to bazaars, musicians and snake charmers, cheap places to eat and shops galore.

Do you want to take the most scenic photos in Morocco? Then be sure to put Chefchaouen on the list. This beautiful labyrinth of blue buildings nestled in the Rif Mountains is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the country. The place is beautiful and quiet and the architecture is as charming as it gets.

But probably no place can be as alluring as Casablanca in Morocco and no visit to this country could ever be complete without a visit here. This is a very cosmopolitan place, one that gets close to the air of Europe. The city was greatly hyped by Hollywood in the movie with the same name. Instead of describing the wonders you can visit there, we would advise you to rent a car in Casablanca and explore for yourselves!



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