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Excellent places to spend Halloween – part 2

Excellent places to spend Halloween – part 2

Trick or treat? Well, we say we treat ourselves to some awesome trips this October and November, if we can do anything about it. And since there is a fun and colorful and a bit spooky holiday to look forward to soon, here are some new excellent places to spend Halloween – part 2 of our journey coming right up!

And again we reach the promised land of America – today we suggest New York as an awesome Halloween destination. The Irish and Brits who immigrated to the United States at the end of the 19th century brought along the old tradition of a Celtic pagan holiday: Samhain. Turned into the modern feast of Halloween, the old “day of the dying sun” soon became an international phenomenon that would bring to the fore funny costumes, pumpkin pies and trick-or-treating in a celebration that is meant to remember the hollow.

New York is the most active and entertaining city in the USA, so expect dozens of parties to take place in the clubs, bars, restaurants and private residences of the New Yorkers.

Come spend Halloween in… Romania! What better place to seek the most notorious legends with vampires and werewolves than in the equally legendary country of Dracula? (Actually there is a major historical misinterpretation there, but we’re going to let that slip for now). To make a long story short, although you might not encounter many a ghostly creature here, you will be at awe when you see the dramatic Carpathian Mountains as you travel to Bran Castle, in Brasov County.

Join the dozens of locals and foreigners as they party along the most notorious gothic (fictional) celebrities of all time – you’ll actually see several of them each, as they come dressed in festive attire.

You’ll find in Romania a surprisingly contradictory country, where tradition and modernity entwine and the people welcome strangers coming from afar with a smile. Bucharest used to be called “the little Paris” during the Turn of the Century. Now, it is a big metropolis, a bit dusty, but not without its charm, where you can travel with Bucharest car hire or, as an alternative, you can take an airport transfer to take you to any national destination.